Speeding Tickets

Did you know that the maximum speed limit, in the City of New York, is 50mph?

Do you know what the speed limit is, on the streets of NYC, when there is no sign? It's 25, lowered from 30 a few years ago. No, there doesn't have to be a speed limit sign posted on every block. There are just some things that a driver has to know.

LOJM knows that a cop acts as his own prosecutor; there is no prosecutor, as you would see in an upstate or town court. The cop has the burden of proving his case by clear and convincing evidence. That means the lawyer does not have to prove, for example, that his client was doing 20. First of all, proving a negative is nearly impossible. Second, it's still America...right?!

LOJM has seen many a pro se motorist (without a lawyer) stick her foot in her mouth by admitting to speeding, but just not as fast as the cop claims. When the judge hears that admission, he has no choice but to find you guilty of the speed that the cop testified to. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is not empowered to plea bargain; he can only find you Guilty or Not Guilty of what the cop is charging you with. After all, one cannot be "kind of" pregnant!

Choose LOJM, and their "patented" checklist of elements of the case, developed over the last 28 years, to fight your ticket all the way.