Driving with a Suspended of Revoked License

Is your license suspended right now?

Sometimes a driver gets arrested, during a routine seat belt checkpoint, because he was not aware that his drivers license was suspended. LOJM offers potential clients a free consultation, via telephone, and a "license lookover."

Perhaps you meant to pay that upstate or Long Island ticket, but never got around to it; this results in a suspension. Or you simply lost track of that out of state ticket.

Many people officially register their cars out of state, but they actually still live in the New York metropolitan area. As a result, they do not receive official DMV mailings -- like notices to pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) -- within enough time to avoid suspension for failure to pay. They drive around thinking their licenses are still valid.

Sometimes, after a messy breakup, "Fred" moves out, but fails to file an address change with the Post Office and the DMV. As a result, important DMV mailings -- like license renewals -- are sent to his former address, where "Wilma" may, sadly, fail or even refuse to forward them to him. "Fred" continues to commute by car, thinking all is well.

Let LOJM provide you with "well care" with a $0 co-pay!