Traffic Violations

Need help fighting traffic tickets?

Since you are reading this, you are interested in retaining a lawyer with nearly 30 years of experience in keeping people on the road.

You want a lawyer who knows his way around the Vehicle and Traffic Law. You need an attorney who doesn't dilute his practice with Landlord/Tenant and Bankruptcy cases, but concentrates in the area you need.

MTA bus drivers seek the expertise of LOJM to help keep them on the road. Employees of Con Edison, Time Warner, Spectrum, and the UFT have sought out LOJM. Many Federal workers, who need a clean license in order to operate government-owned vehicles, call upon us.

Yes, even Department of Motor Vehicles workers turn to LOJM for representation!

CDL drivers rely on LOJM to defend in their absence as they move about the country.

Most folks express surprise and bewilderment when LOJM informs them that the regulations, promulgated by the Commissioner of NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, do not permit the Administrative Law Judges to plea bargain. In the 5 Boroughs, traffic infractions are not heard in a real criminal court or town court, but in a lowly tribunal. The civil service title of the ALJ is merely "referee," and, thus, is not granted the power to even marry people, like Captain Stubing of the Love Boat! The ALJ's discretion is severely limited by the Rules & Regs.

LOJM has been navigating the treacherous waters of Traffic Court since 1990, and is in the best position to defend you. Please give us a call for a free phone consultation.