Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Defense

Unlike most of us, CDL drivers earn their living by driving.

They usually operate vehicles much larger and heavier than we do. Some CDL drivers transport construction debris or hazardous materials. Others carry the most precious cargo of all our kids.

LOJM understands that fighting tickets, to the CDL driver, means much more than paying some fines and accruing some points. It's about the professional man or woman losing his or her livelihood. LOJM understands that summonses issued, while operating a CDL vehicle, are much more harmful than those written when driving a nonCDL. And, most of the time, if he or she is represented by counsel, the client need not appear in court. This is ideal, as the CDL client is busy crisscrossing this bicoastal country of ours.

It is no surprise that the Vehicle and Traffic Law holds these operators to a higher standard than the sometime sedan driver. For example, a professional driver will have his license suspended at .04 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), whereas, for the rest of us, it's .08 BAC. And other thresholds are understandably lower for the CDL driver.

Of course, nobody should be operating any motor vehicle while drinking.

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