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My story

I did not come from a family of professionals. I worked my way, full time, throughout law school, supporting myself, my wife, and our infant children. Upon graduation, I started from scratch, and built a practice out of nothing, as there were no lawyers in the family.

Over the years, I have represented clients and, now, their children! I'm a local family lawyer, not some national or even citywide syndicate of anonymous, faceless attorneys. I prefer to meet or at least chat with my clients whenever I can, but sometimes time and geography prevent it.

From my working class roots, I respect the money. When you're retaining me, I realize that you're spending Your money, not mine. I keep in mind that you are putting your trust in me, just like I put my trust in my accountant and my dentist. When I'm in a restaurant or other public place, I'm just another customer, like you are, and I appreciate prompt service, just like you do. I keep that in mind when dealing with my clients.

On the lighter side, I've been a regular rider in the TD Bank 5 Boro Bike Tour, and will be there, puffing over the Verrazano Bridge, next month! I also volunteered as an arbitrator in Staten Island Small Claims Court. I have also donated over 20 years of service to my 12 Step group, which has helped to keep me sober for over 2 decades now. In fact, I'm proud to announce the publication of my new 400 page memoir, A Clockwork Pothead: Orange You Glad I Sobered Up After 19 Years! The book chronicles my adventures getting high in the shower, During the shower, rolling up behind the wheel, and hiding the stash from my own kids. ACP describes my road to recovery, including humorous dealings with, who else, traffic court clients!

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A Clockwork Pothead is available on Amazon and on Kindle, but, if you prefer the crinkle, fresh paperbacks can be had by calling my office at (718) 442-3041. I will personally inscribe each copy at no extra charge!